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The website OMGYes has combined the wisdom of over 2,000 women aged 18-95 to pull together techniques from the first ever large-scale research about the specifics of women’s pleasure.

OMGYes features a series of different videos where women show their masturbation techniques for you to go away and try out, whether this be with a partner or masturbating alone. Various women were asked to give their reviews of the different techniques to Harpy and rate them out of 5. Here are the results…


My masturbatory exploration centred on the ‘orbiting’ technique. The idea is that you try a range of circular motions on and around the clit, varying the speed and pressure to prolong climax and heighten pleasure.

I found that gently drawing circles around my vulva was a good place to start as it began to build sensation and increase arousal. Gradually, I narrowed the circles and increased the speed. Whilst it felt very tempting to just continue this pattern until I reached orgasm, I decided to mix it up a bit and started to switch between the small, faster circles and larger, slower ones. This required a bit of self-discipline as I have always found it easiest to come when maintaining one motion. However, the switching between various circular motions built up anticipation and meant that when I did eventually give in and let myself concentrate on my most sensitive spot within moments I was shooting stars!

Verdict:4 out of 5 stars.

I would say this is a good technique to try if you are someone who tends to climax quite quickly, however, the concentration and patience involved maybe makes it unsuitable for the lazy late night masturbator.

Try the orbiting technique for yourself and see whether you can send yourself to the moon!


Two women reviewed this technique and reached very different verdicts.

Person A

As a slightly greedy masturbator I gravitated toward this technique, which essentially means making yourself come more than once. Quite often when spending some time with my loving right hand (or left if the right hand gets tired), I find myself thinking “I can’t wait to make myself come again after this, I’m going to masturbate for hours”, however, in reality after orgasming the first time, I usually feel very satisfied and mostly exhausted. This stops me from continuing to pleasure myself. The times I have persisted it usually takes what seems like days to come again – it turns out I was making some big masturbating mistakes.

The most useful tip I learnt in this tutorial is that continuing to masturbate in the same style as you did before the first orgasm is a bad idea! You need to give your vagina a little rest and then carry on in a style that pays attention to a wider surface area of your labia, as the whole are is really sensitive after an orgasm. Also you have to be careful not to put too much pressure on your clit as it’s all fired up and super sensitive and needs to be treated gently.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars.

Unfortunately, when trying this technique I wasn’t feeling very horny so I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience. I was also quite aware that I was thinking about it all a bit too much. Despite this, I really enjoyed learning new things, and I’m looking forward to being a multiple orgasming Mary.

Person B

A firm believer in the phrase ‘the more the merrier’, I decided to choose multiple orgasms. I enjoyed learning about the different techniques but believed there was a definite hole in their investigation. Their research had left them leaning towards a conclusion that overlooked the fact that many women can have multiple orgasms from increased pressure on the exact spot that caused them their first orgasm.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 stars.

Though thorough in some parts, this technique was lacking in others. It was almost like they couldn’t quite put their finger on what was missing.


I’ve tried edging before but I’d always been a little bit too goal orientated in my masturbation to stick at it properly, so I wanted to come back to this technique guns blazing to see if I could achieve a really intense orgasm. The idea is to bring yourself as close to orgasm as possible and then stop, to then build up to orgasm again as many times as possible before allowing yourself to come.

Pause edging = stopping before climax, going back down to zero, and starting again

This is really good, my orgasm was very intense. I initially used my own technique of rubbing my clitoris in circular motions but then I tried what the woman in the video suggested –  one finger stroking up and down the vulva, which was a new technique for me and it felt really nice. Stopping just before climax and going back down to zero required some real self-discipline but there’s no doubt it gave me a much more explosive orgasm. I would love to try this technique out in the bedroom.

Distracting the orgasm away = sudden or intense sensations away from the clit just before climax 

This really didn’t do it for me personally. The woman in the video suggested tapping other parts of your vulva as a way of distracting you from your orgasm but I found this kind of irritating. Stopping all together was much more effective in keeping me turned on.

Continuous edging = get right up to the orgasm then suddenly shift the touch away from the clit to other pleasurable zones 

This is a way that I like to masturbate – focusing mainly on the clitoris with circular motions but just before orgasm switching to other pleasurable zones like inserting fingers into your vagina or involving some anal play. My problem was that I found it hard to stay away from my clitoris because I was so turned on but it did feel amazing when I came.

Verdict:4 out of 5 stars.

I was a bit too impatient for this technique to be something I incorporate into masturbation regularly but I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun this technique would be with a parter. A mixture of the pause and continuous edging techniques would really add something to my sex life and I intend to get out there ASAP and try it out with someone else. I would be dubious to try out the distracting the orgasm away tapping technique with someone else as I think I would burst out laughing if they started tapping on my vagina.


I tried this technique with no expectations and was greeted with a surprise ending.

The move goes something like this: ease yourself in, slowly rubbing the area around but not directly on your clit to warm up. Once warmed up, start with slow movements on and around your clit, but the trick is to change technique often to keep the experience of pleasure moving. This is something I tend not to do, but I now find it is good practice not to get greedy with pleasure or focus on the end goal. Playing around with different movements and switching them up to maintain interest and exploration is well worth the end surprise.

At first the ‘Surprise’ technique felt very mechanical; having to remind myself to change the movement after getting used to the pleasure I was feeling required concentration. I then relaxed into switching it up every so often: up and down for ten seconds then left and right for ten seconds then circular movements… I surprised myself each time with the change in feeling that came with the different movements.

Verdict:4 out of 5 stars.

I think with this technique it is important not to get too hung up on what you’re doing or how it’s feeling: just keep regularly switching the move you are practicing. Then followed waves of pleasure which sustained itself and bounced back and forth: a rhythmic drawn out orgasm I don’t often experience..!


I was very dubious when I watched the videos describing this technique as it involves tapping rhythmically on the area just above and around the clitoris, tapping fast for 10-15 seconds and then changing to a slower rhythm. On actually trying out the technique, however, I was surprised at how amazing it felt. It built my orgasm up much more slowly and I was so turned on after about 5 minutes of this technique that I found it really hard to not just start rubbing my clitoris furiously. It’s something that I can imagine would be amazing for a partner to tease me with. I hadn’t really considered something so gentle before and was really surprised at how effective it was!

Verdict: 5 out of 5 stars.

I had such an explosive orgasm through using this technique and was really surprised that I had enjoyed it so much, as normally I have to rub my clitoris quite hard and fast to come. I would highly recommend trying out this technique, even just as a way of teasing yourself before you change to a different technique!

OMGYes is a really great resource for women everywhere who want to explore their sexuality. There is a membership cost but you then have access to a whole series of videos and techniques that most of the women asked to do these reviews had never even considered! It also offers good advice for anyone who is in a sexual relationship with a woman – it’s not just about masturbation but increasing women’s sexual pleasure in every capacity.

Have a look at the website here:

Drawing by Iona Wills:

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